Finiq, Albania

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Current time is 1, January 1970 01:00

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What is storm ?
A storm is a natural weather phenomenon characterized by significant disturbances in the atmosphere. Depending on the type of storm, it may involve various combinations of strong winds, heavy rainfall, thunder, lightning, hail, or snow. Storms can occur in various scales, from thunderstorms that affect a local area to hurricanes and typhoons that can cover vast regions. They often bring hazardous conditions, including the potential for flooding, damage to structures, and danger to life. It's recommended to stay informed about weather forecasts and take necessary precautions during storm events.

Information Finiq

Place: Finiq
County: Vlorë County
State: Southern Albania
Country: Albania
Local time:
Latitude: 39.90639
Longitude: 20.05833
Timezone: Europe/Tirane
Day length:

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